Is MLM Overrun With Internet Network Marketing Systems? – Industry Internet

Having been in network marketing for many years now, I’ve seen a disturbing and almost dangerous trend in the MLM industry lately…It’s almost like the MLM and network marketing industry is being overrun with these internet network marketing systems. Is it possible that network marketers are getting too much of a good thing? Maybe you’ve seen ads like this:Explode Your MLM – 2,376 Leads and $7,823 in 3 Months! Free Video Course Tells AllAds like this send most struggling network marketers into a mild state of shock and salivating for those kinds of results, and everyone selling a system believes theirs is the best. Let’s face it, we are in an industry FULL of people who want to teach you about marketing and selling, yet they claim there’s no selling involved. Most network marketing companies don’t teach you a single useful thing about marketing because all they know is home parties, cold calling opportunity leads, and pestering your friends and family. The closest I ever got to marketing was posting flyers for my opportunity meetings (and almost no one showed up).The bottom line is this, if you want to be successful in network marketing then you need a network marketing system to generate leads and cash flow quickly. This is because most network marketers will quit in their first 90 days if they don’t make any money, unleashing every network marketers’ worse nightmare… attrition!So what is a network marketing system exactly? I’ll give you a hint, the best sales people make the worst network marketers. This is because network marketing is about being a good relationship builder, not the best salesperson.A good network marketing system is not just an auto responder email system, it’s not just a replicated web site, it’s NOT a hype “hurry up and join before everyone else gets in” kind of marketing system.A good internet network marketing system gives you a way to brand and market yourself as a leader within the industry. This is because it doesn’t matter what product your company sells or what the compensation plan is like, at the end of the day your prospects join YOU. People want to join a leader when they’re looking for a network marketing business and most network marketers will be involved with more than one company throughout their MLM career. This is not a “fake it till you make it” approach, this is about providing real value to your prospects. People get involved in network marketing because they want to make money (duh) or because they find a product that genuinely changes their life for the better.There are 2 options here, one is hard, the other is easy. You can build your own web site or you can use a third party internet network marketing system. (My personal preference is the MLM Lead System Pro). The benefit of the third party system is leveraging the experience and successes of others. The DANGER is eventually everyone’s sites and systems start to look the same… so you’ll have to know what to do to make yourself stand out from the herd. Make sure the system you use gives you the option to customize your site and brand yourself properly.This is where mastering the art and skill of attraction marketing comes into play. No matter what internet network marketing system you decide to use, your success comes from how you think about yourself and your prospects. You must see yourself as a leader in your mind and treat your MLM business like a business instead of a hobby. This means daily execution of the basics with traffic and network marketing lead generation. This is exactly what you will learn to do when you align yourself with other leaders who are already successful using internet network marketing systems.The most important tip of all is to take action right now and remember that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be proactive.