Is the Internet Marketing Industry Responding to the Challenges of New Ways to Generate Income? – Industry Internet

The UK budget, like many others, looks like gloom and doom, but is it? Periodically we seem to have these changes in the economic climate. Over spend and then austerity. That seems to be the way of mankind.The positive aspect to austerity is that it forces people to rethink their whole income strategy. The one thing that most people are reluctant to give up is their life style. The need to maintain a given life style forces innovation in business and in attitudes towards business and income generation.Over the last two to three years we have seen a remarkable increase in people looking towards the internet to achieve a new way of generating income. I predict that this will escalate as more jobs come under economic pressure. I can also see that there will be more unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the situation. I have already seen an increase in the advertising of get rich schemes. That is also human nature.I can see a great opportunity. The Internet Marketing Industry has grown and matured especially over the last five to ten years. It still maintains the problem though that there is almost too much information as to how to start a small home internet business and this is what most people are being encouraged to do. The various training methods have come a long way. Nearly every new product includes some level of training and support but seldom gives any real information as to when to use it.”Copy cat” product and systems have been around for some two to three years and these have certainly helped new affiliates to market specific products, they do not though necessarily go beyond marketing that product.Mentoring groups have been a very positive step forward. Within a good group it is now becoming possible to learn internet marketing as a whole. Good overall training, regardless of a particular product is essential for the new marketer. A rounded education in a variety of marketing methods, with clear information as to how and when to use these methods and tools gives confidence. It allows the “student” to use their existing skills as a spring board towards learning new skills. Gone are the days when you could throw a small child into the water and hope it could swim. This is a waste of good children and exceedingly cruel.Learning and support forums are an extremely positive way of sharing information so long as they do become overlaid with beginners and work as a support for the weaker members. They do need and most are getting positive leadership from successful members.On the whole I see the Internet marketing industry as a whole making some very positive steps in response to the challenges imposed by the current world economic situation.